Sunday, 16 August 2009

German Wasp Nest

German Wasps - vespula germanicaI found a nest of German Wasps (vespula germanica) in a hole in the ground under one of the trees in the garden.

They are very busy, in and out all day. German Wasps are very similar to Common Wasps, but they can be identified by a triangle of three small black spots on their face - if you can get close enough to see them! Common Wasps have a black anchor shape on their face.

Jay featherI also found this very pretty little feather. It is tiny - only about 2 inches (5 cms) long. It comes from a Jay and is responsible for that blue flash that is usually all you see when a Jay flies by!


Anonymous said...

Fagley Primary Forest School said...

Our nursery Forest School group found a jay feather in the woods today. Beautiful aren't they.