Wednesday, 16 December 2009

First Snow of the Winter

Green Woodpecker in the snowThe first snow of the winter fell today. There was not much of it and it did not stay around long, but this male green woodpecker (Picus viridus) did not look too comfortable.

There has been a lot of wildlife around recently. After seeing no deer for several weeks, a herd passed through a few days ago. Firstly, the roe doe with her adolescent fawn (male, I think) crossed the lawn in one direction.

Half an hour later about five or six roe deer came racing through. It was misty so I was unable to count them exactly.

The muntjacs have also been around - the buck on several occasions, but there were two of them on the lawn yesterday.

My neighbour told me that while we were away, there was a big fight between two buzzards on our back lawn. When he went to investigate, they were fighting over a hare. I was really annoyed to miss this spectacle, but rather sad at the demise of the hare. That's nature, I suppose.


Celestial Charms said...

Lovely photo of the sweet woodpecker. It is amazing how close you actually can get to snap your photos. Even if you might have a telephoto lens!

Jenny said...

I take a lot of my photos through the kitchen window. I don't have time to wait outside for them to come to me, so I have to take the opportunity when it arises!

This was taken with a 300mm lens but he was fairly close.