Saturday, 27 March 2010

A Very Slow Start to Spring

Blue Tit Nest Building

I don't remember the last time we had such a late spring.

Although there were signs a few weeks ago, the weather has not been good and things are progressing very slowly in the garden. Usually by this time in March, the trees are starting to show green, but not this year.

Nest building is, however, in full swing. This little blue tit has taken up residence in one of our nest boxes. The long-tailed tits have been picking cobwebs from around our windows to line their nests and last week I saw a little goldcrest picking fluff from one of the garden lamps.

The daffodils are now flowering, several weeks later than usual, but the weather is not being kind. Not too cold but lots of rain. We change the clocks tonight and will lose an hour, but the evenings will be much lighter. I hope that the weather will allow us to enjoy them.


The deer are still hanging around the garden most days. I think they can find more food here than in the woods, until everything starts growing again. They sit in the woods during the day, watching us from a safe distance, and come out in the evening to graze in the garden. It should not be too long until the babies are born.

Roe Deer


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog via youtube (nice videos by the way). Just wanted to say I like your writing style. This garden blog reminds me of Dorothy Wordsworth, have you ever heard of her? She was William Wordsworth sister and she wrote about stuff like this. Anyway, I enjoy reading, so thanks!

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments. I did not know about Dorthy Wordsworth.

Glad you like the blog.