Monday 30 May 2011

More Babies

Baby Squirrel
The garden seems to be full of youngsters at the moment. This tiny squirrel probably came from the drey photographed below high up in an oak tree. Not sure if it fell from the drey or was just exploring.

I would imagine that they are very vulnerable alone on the ground, so I hope it found its way back.

The photograph below shows the drey, woven out of twigs and leaves, perched precariously on the branch of the tree.

Squirrel Drey

Finally, this weekend (a public holiday in the UK) is usually the weekend when we see the first roe deer fawns, if there are any. This year was no exception.

The field in front of our house has long grass at this time of year, before the farmer cuts it for hay. This is an ideal environment to bring up a fawn. It follows its mother around but is so small that you can only see its ears sticking out of the grass! I am looking forward to a better view of it and a better photo at some stage.

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn


Sandra said...

Lovely picture of the little fawn hidden in the long grass with its elegant mother showing her best profile!

Such a cute squirrel too! Do you still see red squirrels in your area?

I'm so glad you saved the blue-tit babies and avoided further mishap...

Jenny said...

Hi Zinnia,

Sadly we don't get red squirrels here. They have been wiped out by the greys in this area. The reds can still be found on the Isle of Wight, Northern England and Scotland.

I think it is important to save this species even if it means culling the greys.