Monday 29 August 2011

Deer, Deer and More Deer!

This year, unlike last, we have apples on the apples trees. This means that our garden is a choice destination for the deer who love to eat the windfalls. They are backwards and forwards all day (and probably all night) feasting on the apples.

The other evening there were four muntjacs under the trees and, interestingly, another muntjac fawn. It was definitely not the fawn I spotted last week. This one was much bigger and without its spots. However, it was still suckling and very demanding on its mother. So, there must be at least two families of muntjacs around this year.

Sadly, it was too dark for decent photographs.

However, Mrs Roe and the Twins have also been hanging around much of the time. The twins are getting big now, almost as big as their Mum and their spots are just fading. They are about 3-4 months old now. I did not manage any good shots of the three of them together, but the other evening as it was getting dark Mum and one of the twins were in the field at the front. I got the following photos.

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn

Roe Deer Doe and Fawn

The middle photo is quite amusing. The mother has an apple and some grass in her mouth and the little one is pulling at a piece of grass!

You need to click on the images to see larger versions.


Sandra said...

Great shots! I love the middle photo too with the apple and the fawn nibbling at the grass from its mother's mouth!
I notice the ears of the mother - they are so alert and listening for anything unusual which could be dangerous.
What fun it must be to observe all the wildlife around you and capture these photos!

Jenny said...

Hi Zinnia,

Thank you for your comments. I was taking these photos through the window. They are just too nervous to get more than one photo outside. They run off immediately.

Even though it was through the window, they could still hear the shutter on the camera. That is why her ears are extra alert!

Sandra said...

Excellent. You have very clean windows, Jenny!

I took a picture of two sparrows eating my lavender heads the other day. The photos were shot through net curtains too as I'm a town dweller!

Helen M. Stevens said...

What a wonderful blog!!! Only just discovered you! I have a lot to learn, just begun my own blog fromthe Engish countryside "Tales from Triangle Wood" ... but my pictures are through the eye of a needle rather than a lens. Thanks for sharing your skills.

Anonymous said...

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