Sunday 27 May 2012

A Sudden Change in the Weather

Germander Speedwell 2012 is proving to be a very varied year with respect to weather - even more than normal in the UK. After 6 weeks of horrible, cold, wet weather, it suddenly changed. The weather forecast did not even predict it. The temperature has been in the high 20's centigrade for the last week with the wind from the East. This is most unusual because our hot weather normally comes from the South. It is also very unusual for May when the temperature is normally 16-20 degrees. I won't complain - I love hot weather!

The wild flowers are continuing to bloom in the garden. The photo above is Germander Speedwell. There are carpets of it blooming at the moment.

Common Vetch There are also huge clumps of Common Vetch in the flowerbed. Even though it is a weed, it is pretty and I don't feel inclined to pull it out.

Star of Bethlehem I found a clump of this Star of Bethlehem. It must have seeded itself because I did not plant it.

Bracken Frond Unfurling The bracken is also unfurling which makes a very pretty photo.

Finally, this evening I saw a Red Kite feasting on something at the bottom of the garden. On closer inspection it was a pheasant. Sadly, I think "Hoppy" who I mentioned last week is no longer with us :(


Sandra said...

Lovely wildflower shots, Jenny. That speedwell is so charming, though I don't know this mauve version, just the blue one. The Vetch is lovely too and the Star of Bethlehem just gorgeous. I've never seen it before. It's one of the flowers used in the famous Bach flower remedies.
I'm not sure if I would recognize the difference between bracken and fern, but this photo you took is abosolutely beautiful.
I hope you're enjoying your long Whitsun weekend!

Jenny said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your comments. I went out to take another look at the Speedwells and their colour varies quite dramatically. Some are very blue, some more mauve and some much lighter, even growing on the same stem!

Bracken is a type of fern and this one is, I am fairly sure, Pteridium aquilinum, which grows wild in the woods surrounding our house.

This was not the bank holiday weekend. This year it has moved to one week later with an extra day for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. So, next weekend is a four-day weekend - hoorah!