Wednesday 5 November 2014

November ???


Summer has gone and autumn has been glorious - very mild and not much rain. Now it's November when thoughts are turning to Christmas and wrapping up warm in front of a log fire, and the garden is still in full bloom!


The Dahlias proved to be a great success this summer. The deer have not touched them and it is great to have a big showy display in the new flowerbed. They have flowered all summer and are still flowering. These photos were taken this week - the first week of November!


For the last month we have been mowing the lawn and vowed that each would be the last cut of the year. Sadly, the grass is still growing and it will need yet another cut.

This has also been a great year for moles, unfortunately. There are molehills all over the garden. What a mess. Last year's wet winter and this year's good summer have obviously created the perfect conditions. Not only are they tunnelling under the lawns, they are also in the flowerbeds pushing out all the bulbs sown for the spring :(

The plants growing up the new archway have done very well and next year when they are fully established, I am sure it will look very impressive. Alongside the Dahlias, the Clematis climbing over the archway is still flowering like this one below.


There has not been much wildlife around other than a brief glimpse of the muntjacs, roe deer and hares. However, the squirrels have been hyperactive burying nuts and acorns in the grass.

I hope that winter will not be too harsh, but because of the wonderful autumn, at least it will be short!

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