Thursday 19 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 19

I was out most of the day so unable to shoot anything when the weather was reasonable. By the time I got home, the rain had started again and I was forced to cut a bit of cherry blossom to photograph indoors.

I love macro. I love the intricacy of the stamens and the delicate nature of the petals of this little piece of blossom. It is not the best shot in the world but all I had time for.

Cherry Blossom


Sandra said...

I love your cherry blossom shot and the detail of the petals and the centre is just beautiful!
It sounds as if your weather is just like ours: cold, wet and windy! What a month of April... we know all about April showers, but it would be nice to get more frequent sunny spells too!
Have a good weekend and some great new captures!

Sandra said...

I'm so happy you've taken your word verification off. It was causing me to frown a lot and sometimes try it more than once!!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments, Sandra.

April is usually a changeable month in the UK and this year is no exception!

It took me ages to find out how to take off word verification. I searched all over for it.