Saturday, 21 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 21

I was out first thing this morning before the rain set in trying to capture some wider shots rather than close-ups. I was not happy with any of them.

So, when I got home this afternoon, I dashed out between the showers and got this one which I am quite happy with. I wanted to wait a few days before shooting the tree peonies because they are spectacular blooms when they open completely. This one has only just started to open but I loved the rain drops on it.

Tree Peony after the Rain


Sandra said...

I just adore peonies, especially the pink ones! This is a beautiful capture of an opening flower with raindrops.
Have a lovely Sunday!

DaisyJayne said...

Hi Jenny, I've only just come across your site and am blown away by it all. The photo's are astounding, the video you've got and information you've put up about everything is just phenomenal. I can see I'll be getting very little work done from now on as I become a daily visitor to your site! Thank-you for taking the time and sharing it all with us.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Sandra. Peonies are really beautiful but sadly they do not last long. Mine don't anyway.

Jenny said...

Thanks for your comments DaisyJayne. I am so pleased you like my web site and photos. They are both a bit of an obsession for me!