Sunday 4 November 2012

Happy Family!

Muntjac Family

Following on from my last post, I now understand completely why the muntjacs were so aggressive with the fox. I think the photo above explains it - a very happy little family!

It is quite unusual to be able to photograph the buck, doe and fawn together. This photo was taken through my office window. It was very sunny but the deer were in the shade, so difficult lighting conditions.

It is also interesting that they come each day at around 3.00pm. It used to be 4.00pm but they did not change their clocks when we went back to GMT from British Summertime!

Muntjac Fawn

The little one is a real cutie but likes to stay close to Mum.

Muntjac Doe and Fawn

Mum spends a lot of timing grooming it - giving it a good lick all over.

Muntjac Doe and Fawn

Autumn continues with lots of rain. The water table is now so high that the smallest amount of rain causes flooding.

Many of the leaves are still on the trees with some beautiful autumn colours but the evenings are now getting darker and winter is on its way.