Sunday 30 June 2013

Twins Again!

Roe Deer Fawns Each year in May we usually see the new born roe deer fawns. This year, however, I was beginning to wonder if there were any until just a couple of days ago when Mum brought them into the garden. They are quite big already but still have their spots. I guess they were born in early May and Mum has kept them well hidden. They were very frisky - full of energy. I hope they will be back so that we can watch their progress.

Summer, if we can call it summer, is very disappointing. We had a week of good weather in early June but since then it has been cold, changeable and dreary. We have even had the central heating on some days :(

The usual flowers are out in the garden but this year we have a good crop of roses. We have planted climbers growing up the walls of the house to try to deter the deer from eating them. So far, the deer have not found them. Fingers crossed. When I have time, I will try to photograph some of them because the individual blooms are quite exquisite.

It is the silly season again. Last week, I was in my office when there was a bang on the window. I went outside to find a young Nuthatch which had flown into the window. It was okay, just a bit stunned so I took the opportunity to grab a photo. It flew off happily after a few minutes.


We have a new addition to the birds on our feeders.


We always have Jays around in the garden but normally they are very shy. It is only recently that this one has taken to feeding on the feeder.

Another newcomer (or should I say newcomers because there are dozens of them) in the garden this year are the Jackdaws. I mentioned that they were nesting in the barn owl box and they obviously had a very successful brood. They must have invited all their friends because they are hanging around the the garden all day and there must be fifty or more. They are very noisy and not one of my favouriote birds but I will try to get some photos.

Let's hope that summer it still going to arrive properly and that I have some decent weather to get outdoors with my camera.