Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Morel Season

Semifree Morel - Morchella Semilibra

After the very dry March, I did not expect to see the Morels this year. However, a few sprinkles of rain over the last few days brought them all popping out. These Morels are called Semifree Morels and are not the much sought after Morels of culinary fame. I would not risk eating them.

They are called semifree because the cap is not joined to the lower part of the stem, but is joined at the top of the stem with the cap hanging loose over it.

I find it intriguing that they appear as regular as clockwork every year during the first week of April. They are incredibly difficult to spot and last year I only spotted them after I had trampled on them, so no possibility of photographs. I was more careful this year!

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