Monday, 25 April 2011

Riot of colour!

English Bluebell

What an amazing Easter this has been. The weather is hot (high 20's centigrade) and sunny, hardly a cloud in the sky. I don't remember when it last rained. This is most unusual for April which is famous for its showers.

The bluebells are a carpet of blue through the woods and all the other flowers are a riot of colour. Sadly, the lack of rain means the bluebells are dying back early. Too early!


The azaleas are absolutely gorgeous and the perfume from this yellow one is amazing. It is a pity that I cannot capture the scent for this blog.

I was standing watching this morning while the speckled wood butterflies were all over the place fluttering around in a frenzy in the sunshine and occasionally landing on the bluebells.

Speckled Wood butterfly

Finally, the cuckoo has been calling all week. No sight of him, though.

This time of year is magical.


Elettra said...

Very nice image that you propose, you have an interesting blog, congratulations!!

Jenny said...

Many thanks for your comments.

Sandra said...

Gorgeous captures of those marvellous bluebells, perfumed azaleas and the butterfly. Isn't this the most marvellous spring .... though the farmers are crying out for rain.

Jenny said...

Yes, Zinnia, this spring is amazing but the lack of rain is going to cause a problem, I am sure.