Friday, 9 October 2009

Badger and Hare

Badger - Meles melesI found a dead badger (meles meles) in the garden today - not the one in the photograph. It must have been dead for a while because the scavengers had been at it and there was only fur and a few bones left. I would be interested to know what killed it.

Badgers have few predators in this country and it is badger cubs that are most at risk from predators. Adult badgers can fight back fairly aggressively if attacked and they have a nasty bite. They also use their black and white striped face to warn off attackers.

Badgers are getting a fairly bad press at the moment in the UK, accused of spreading Bovine TB. I hope that no local farmers are taking it into their own hands and poisoning them. They are such beautiful creatures.

I also surprised a brown hare (Lepus capensis). It was just a few metres away so I got a good look at it before it ran off. I have seen hares in the garden before but only from a distance. I was surprised by its light colouring and, of course, it had the black tips on its ears. I wish I could get a photo.


Anonymous said...

What a lovley creature! Several years ago my husband and daughter saw a badger scurryingin the neighbor's orchard...there aren't suppose to be any in this area, but there one was! Never saw it again.
I have never seen a green woodpecker. We have acorn and pileated woodpeckers atour cottage, the later sounding very much like a monkey sceaming when it flies off!

Jenny said...

We lived here for 20 years before we found out that badgers are back and forth across our garden all night long! We only realised when we set up a web cam. It was so enlightening - our garden is like Picadilly Circus all night long with creatures passing through!