Wednesday 18 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 18

Bad day!

The weather was lousy - wind and very heavy showers. The barometer is lower than I have seen it in a long time. I went out to try to pick a flower to photograph indoors, but most were tightly shut!

I am almost too embarassed to post today's photo because it is not good. But, this is a challenge and I have to post something whether good or bad.

My subject was a tiny little flower called Moschatel or Townhall Clock. The flower head is about half a centimeter diameter, so I could hardly see what I was doing. The flower head consists of 5 flowers, 4 of which point in opposite directions - yes, like a townhall clock. The 5th flower points upwards.

It is an ugly little flower but quite fascinating to look at close-up. This photo was taken with the 60mm macro lens, a 25mm extension tube and the Raynox. Taking photos with this setup highlights all the dust on my sensor - so much that you could grow potatoes in it. Note to self - get sensor cleaned at the end of the challenge.

So, apologies for this effort . . .

Moschatel - Townhall Clock

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