Wednesday 25 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 25

Torrential rain and gales today but the sun broke through on two short occasions around lunchtime. Definitely April weather.

Two shots for the price of one today. I tried a close-up of a daisy with the Raynox again. It is okay but I find it rather lacking. The lighting is not really clever enough. So, I tried another shot with a bit of PP. I very rarely do much PP except for removing blemishes, tweaking the levels and sharpening so I would appreciate feedback about whether anyone thinks it works or whether it is a load of rubbish.




Sandra said...

Hello Jenny, I don't know what Raynox or PP is, but that second shot of the daisy is really fun. It looks as if it is dancing some wild petal swirling dance!!
What editing software do you use?

Jenny said...

Hi Sandra,

The Raynox is a magnifying lens that clips onto the front of my macro lens for extra magnification. It is a relatively cheap way to get more magnification.

PP means post processing. I use Paintshop Pro and the second daisy has some zoom blur added to the petals.