Saturday 28 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 28

I definitely chose the wrong month for this challenge. It's official - the wettest April for many, many years! Today was no exception - rained almost all day and when it did stop, it was so dull that (flower) photography was impossible.

Yet again, I had to pick something to photograph indoors. I am a bit fed up with low key photographs so thought I would try high key which I have never attempted before. Not sure whether it worked but here it is, a floret from a beautiful bright pink Rhododendron.


I was very distracted today by a little bird which obviously had a problem. It was a tiny little Goldcrest, a baby I think. It was walking up and down the window cill of my office window. If disturbed it would fly off and immediately come back.

It was very nervous and not still for a second, so it was difficult to get a photograph. The weather was so bad and dull that I had to use a high ISO, so the photos I took are a bit noisy.

This little thing was there all day and seemed to be trying to get through the window. When I went outside, I realised that it could see its reflection and possibly thought it was its mother.

I don't know what happened to it. The mother was nowhere to be seen and it was very distressed, but there was nothing I could do, except hope that it found its way back to its mother. Fingers crossed.




Sandra said...

What an adorable little bird. You have captured it beautifully. I too hope that it found its mother...

Sandra said...

I forget to mention the beautiful rhododendron in such a beautiful and vibrant tone of pink... I too was distracted by that sweet little bird! Who could have known that April was going to be such a wet and windy and cold month? We seem to have had April in March this year and this month has had March winds and April showers all together, with the chill of February in the air on certain days!
I agree that we have been photographically challenged!
Have a lovely Sunday.

Jenny said...

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for your comments. That little bird is back again today. It is pouring with rain and it is walking up and down the window cill looking through the window.

I am surprised that a predator has not pounced already!