Thursday 26 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 26

Gale force winds and heavy showers interspersed with short sunny intervals. Not good weather for outdoor flower photography.

The Lilac bush was getting a hammering in the wind, so I cut off a branch to photograph indoors. I am reasonably pleased with this one.



Sandra said...

How clever of you to pick some lilac to take a picture of it! Windy, rainy days make it difficult to take photos, don't they? This is a very unusual colour of lilac which I don't think I've seen before. I just love the individual flowers!
Yesterday evening it suddenly got sunny and we had blue skies... I couldn't believe it and dashed outside with my camera. I tried a few lilac shots too, but the flowers are only just starting to open at the moment.
Thank you for popping in to my place and leaving some comments!

Jenny said...

After I read your comment, I looked at the lilac again in daylight by the window. I think I have got the white balance wrong on this photo since in natural light the lilac looks much more lilac-coloured! (ie: more blue than red).

However, I have another lilac bush which has much more reddish coloured flowers.