Monday 30 April 2012

My April Challenge - Day 30

There were various things that I wanted to try to achieve with this challenge. Rather than just close-up shots, I wanted some wider shots showing lots of flowers and the animals who live among them.

Well, the weather has been against me much of the time but today was the best weather we have had for a while so I went out snapping. Today I am going to post extra to make up for the lost opportunities of the last few weeks.

Firstly, another close-up. We have hundreds (maybe thousands) of Dog Violets. They are so pretty. I really wanted to take a shot of a clump of violets but that did not work out so here is a close-up instead.

Dog Violet

Next, the bluebells are really disappointing this year. There are probably only about half the usual number. They started to flower in mid-March but stopped when the weather changed back to winter. They don't seem to have recovered. This is the best wide bluebell shot I could manage.


Finally, those animal shots. There are lots of pheasants around at the moment and their colours are brilliant.

Pheasant among the bluebells

While I was out with the camera, I came across 2 muntjacs. Sadly, I had my landscape lens on so I could not zoom in closer. This photo shows one of them. The other is behind the big tree on the right!

Muntjac among the bluebells

None of these are brilliant shots, but the best I could do in the time I had available and it was very windy.


Sandra said...

What a lovely way to end up your April photography challenge! I love the macro shot of that adorable little violet. All the bluebell shots are gorgeous, even though you say that there are less this year. I especially love the one with the little deer in the distance, the lighting is beautiful on that one. The colourful pheasant is a nice touch too. I can't refer to your photos as I write, so it's a little difficult to comment on each one from memory.
Well done for all your beautiful photos taken in difficult weather conditions. You did brilliantly!
Do you have any creative plans for the coming month of May?
Thank you for giving news of the little bird, let's hope that he has found his mum!

Jenny said...

Hi Sandra,

I have very much appreciated your comments during this whole month. Thank you so much.

I will continue to take more flowers photos this year to try to improve my flower portfolio. However, I will not be committing to taking one each day!

Good news about the little bird. He was back again today for a short time and did not look as distressed as he was the other day. I think he is no longer lost, which is good news!